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WordPress: What’s the Big Deal?

There are a lot of different ways to write websites. The concepts of modern web design really do require that a website is functional and attractive on all platforms – whether it’s a widescreen desktop monitor, a laptop, a tablet, a smartphone, etc.

Equally important, at least to Nimble Eye, is that websites are simple to maintain, easily updated to include advances in web technology, and include as much built-in protection as possible against planned obsolescence or the various kinds of personal and business “disaster” that can occur. We’ve “rescued” sites where the clock was ticking for imminent expiration, copied and converted sites from one technology to another, and even rebuilt sites from scratch that were no longer available except in the limited confines of the Internet Archive.

WordPress is a good piece of authoring technology. In the hands of a skilled developer, a WordPress site’s appearance is completely customizable. The WordPress development community has created an enormous array of plug-ins that enable a site author to add a great deal of functionality at a very low cost. Certainly, WordPress is not the answer for every web design proposal. It was originally written as a blogging platform, but is now used routinely for almost any kind of website you can imagine.

WordPress is also inherently a fairly secure platform – and there are many good additional methods of keeping it secure from would-be hackers and other assorted “evil-doers.”

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